So for those of you who were waiting eagerly for the update of Anime Festival Asia 2009 Day 2 – Hi, mom! - first and foremost, let me apologize for the delay.

See, I meant to blog about it on Sunday night but life has a way of throwing a shuriken onto the best-laid plans.

Allow me to explain.

The day started out well.

I was happily exploring the AFA venue, doing touristy things aka geeking out over the upcoming collectible releases, taking lots of photos and making friends.

Meet my two new bffs, um, er, I forget their names.

Call me an equal opportunist. I don’t discriminate between species.

This is one time I don’t mind getting squished.

And then, without warning, everything just went to hell.

Word must have leaked out that I whooped Jason’s butt the day before, because all of a sudden I found myself being challenged to more duels than Michael Jackson has had nose jobs.

And let me tell you this: when you are fighting for your life, your thoughts fixate on the strangest things.

Like how some of these jokers had taken the whitening cream thing too far.

Or how each successive assailant’s weapon seems to be longer than the last. (Methinks that someone’s trying to compensate for something.)


And if you think swords were not bad enough, some even came at me with guns.

But I am not a ninja for nothing.

I’d been there, done all that, and got put on a t-shirt.

Of course, the best part about a fight is that there’s always a fair damsel or two or twelve in the wings waiting to coddle the brave victor, especially when they’re cute like me.

Sigh … if only all domestic help looked so good.

Um, I'm not seeing double, right? There really are two of them, right?

It is ridiculous how just sitting on a lovely girl’s lap can make the world seem right again.

There was even a marriage proposal which I regretfully had to decline.

Even so, all that fighting was not without a cost.

I hurt my right wrist and couldn’t work the keyboard properly hence the late post.

My hand has still not yet healed but one of the nice people at Tactical Urban Gears offered to type this up for me.

Anyway, aside from the unfortunate encounters, I must say that I had so much fun at AFA 09 that I’m already looking forward to AFA 2010.

If you see me there, don’t be afraid to come up and say hello.

Oh, and I’ll try to keep the body count down next year.

PS To view more photos of AFA09, please go to our Flickr page.