Unequalled Magazine featured Part 1 of a Q&A with Tactical Urban Gears over at their site today and boy are we excited!

For those of you who want to know the inspiration behind the label, what you can expect to see in our stores soon, the fit of our shirts, etc., head on over there now.

And of course, no interview is complete without a discussion about moi and possibly that cat character whom I shall not name.

(Is it funny to spike homemade cookies with laxative so that I would have to go to the toilet all day, I ask you? IS IT???? I think not. One of these days, that cat will have what is due coming to him. GRRRRR!)

Anyway, there's mention of me in the interview and you may just get to find out all kinds of fun facts about me like what I would do if I had a million dollars, how do I avoid visible panty, er, I mean, underwear line and also possibly what color underwear I like.

Um, OK. Maybe not.

But the point is that there are all kinds of details about TUG that you probably won't find anywhere else.

Oh, and if you do make it to the end of the Q&A, there's also the little matter of a discount code for TUG merchandize.

Part 2 will be published the following day so stay tuned!

ETA You can now read part 2 of the interview here.