So 2009 has been an amazing year for me and for TUG, and I'm not saying that just because TUG adopted me as their mascot and put my face on their shirts. I've had opportunities I've only dreamed of until now and got to meet a whole bunch of amazing people, from the wonderfully talented to the downright bizarre.

Anyway, 2010 is going to be really exciting for us. We've got a lot of things lined up that will be unveiled as the year progresses.

To start off the new year on a cheery note, I'm happy to announce that we have a new festive wallpaper up on our main site.

Simply click here to download.

And look who will be joining us on the shopfront this February.

(Okay, so I am not going to pretend that I am pleased with the competition because chicks tend to dig Ono. This is so going to put a damper on my contract negotiations when it comes up for renewal next year but shhhh ... don't tell the guys at TUG.)

We've also added a new Press page so that you can read about what people are saying about us.

Like I was saying these are exciting times!

I hope that you'll stay tuned and share this journey with us.

So here's a toast to 2010 and to bigger and better things to come.